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Geo-target Your Facebook Status Updates

January 19, 2011

Did you know you can geo-target your Facebook status updates? Let’s say you have a Company Profile Page (aka Fan Page) and you have lots of members from all over the United States. Heck, maybe you have fans all over the entire world. Now let’s say you are hosting an event in Miami, Florida and you’d like to tell only your fans that live in Miami. I mean, who’s going to attend a Miami event all the way from Las Vegas on short notice?

Just post your message in your status update and click on the little lock icon.

Next just select the country you want to target and the dialog box will give you even more options. Target by country, state or city. Is your business multilingual? You can even send status updates in Spanish to just your Spanish speaking fans. Cool, huh?

Can you think of any creative ways to use geo-targeted status updates on your company profile page? Please share your ideas!