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Get Satisfaction Lets Companies Interact Closely With Their Customers

May 23, 2008

With reputation management being a very important issue for companies these days, Get Satisfaction [EDITORS NOTE WE HAVE RECEIVED SPAM COMPLAINTS ABOUT GET SATISFACTION – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK] is a site that allows companies to interact with their customers, get insight on how customers feel about their services, products and answer any questions they may have.

Users of the site can do 4 things: ask questions, share ideas, report issues or just comment on a company or product. Every company page has their own personal page, and even has an area with a feed of Twitter users’ “tweets” about that company or product, called Overheard.

Looking through the site, I noticed that many well known companies already have pages on Get Satisfaction such as Twitter, Paypal, Netflix, Google, Time Warner Cable, Apple and Nintendo. Employees of these companies are shown on these pages and the idea is for them to answer any questions and concerns. The convenience of being able to ask questions about companies and products in one place and being able to discuss with others users is pretty neat. Although there may be numerous websites that allow users to review or discuss products and companies, I don’t think I’ve seen any that endorses actual employees of these companies to participate and help their customers.

An account at Get Satisfaction is free, and once a signed up user, you can add official reps and employees to the company page.[EDITORS NOTE WE HAVE RECEIVED SPAM COMPLAINTS ABOUT GET SATISFACTION – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK]

Below is what Twitter’s Get Satisfaction page looks like: