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Get Your Story Read By Google

April 3, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Experts have had many questions about stories that are indexed in Google News. A Post on the Google News Blog recently explained the myths and truths of having your story read by Google.

First, here are the Myths:

* Having an image next to your article improves your ranking
* Timing the publication of your article improves your article ranking
* There’s no way to see why my articles weren’t included in Google News
* Publishing a sitemap helps my rankings
* If I put AdSense on my site, my article rankings will improve

And the Truths:

* Redesigning my site may affect my coverage in Google News
* Articles that are just images or video won’t be included
* Updating an article after posting it will create problems with Google News

Tips the article mentions :

*A good image may help get your article stand out but won’t help with ranking

*Google News only visits each URL once. If you make updates, it won’t be reflected in Google News results.
* A sitemap helps Google News find your content, but not rank it