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Gold In The Phones


Do you have a smart phone? Even if you don’t, I’m willing to bet many of your friends and family do. The number of people using smart phones continues to grow exponentially. Over the past year, the amount of users has gone up 187% to just over 18 million. As this number increases, so do the opportunities for marketing. There are countless online articles relating to the potential smart phones have for marketing to individuals using their mobile devices for shopping, directions, and focused social media.

Mobile-only social media sites are becoming popular with those who do not want to carry a laptop but will instead use their smart phone. This is producing more marketing opportunities within new mediums. Studies have shown that the number of consumers using their mobile phones for shopping increases daily by the thousands. Retailers can use this information to target more focused marketing. Revenue from social related networks is said to be around $60 billion by 2012. These are numbers that companies cannot afford to ignore.

With search becoming so individually targeted by Google and others, mobile shows nothing but incredible numbers from a marketing stand-point. Smart phones become more and more like PCs with every new release. These increasing technological advances continue to open new doors to innovative marketing strategies. No matter how you look at it, mobile marketing is a future with great possibilities.