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Google Ads Based On Your Phone Calls – Is This Too Much?

March 22, 2012

It’s hard not to think this story is just creepy in so many ways…

But, Google filed a patent on a technology that essentially serves ads based on the background noise of your phone calls. The abstract from the patent explains:

Information about an environmental condition of a remote device is received, the environmental condition being determined based on a signal output from a sensor of the remote device or a sensor coupled to the remote device. An advertisement is identified based on the environmental condition, and the advertisement is provided to the remote device.

So, if I am speaking to someone on the phone about the horrendous heat down here in South Florida, am I going to receive some type of advertisement for air conditioning or fans? It appears with this technology, I just might.

Because this patent is just merely a submission, that doesn’t mean this is definite. But, can you imagine what this could mean for advertisers? How far could this really be taken?

Just playing devil’s advocate for a moment, could we also say that this is another means for receiving highly targeted (perhaps even helpful) ads based on our current environmental needs? Maybe I do need to buy a fan to ward off the heat.

Nonetheless, I still don’t think it will be accepted by the masses without extreme resistance.

Image credit: Duchamp