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Google AdWords Enhancements for Local Targeting


88% of people who search for local information take action within a day.

Now that’s a powerful statement.

Announced this month, Google has released three new feature enhancements for organizing local ad campaigns. The new features build on the advanced location targeting that first launched in March 2011.

Let’s take a look:

Target Customers by Zip Code

Advertisers now have the ability to target 30,000+ US Zip Codes. Additionally, AdWords Location Targeting lets you add up to 1,000 postal codes at a time.

Location Insertion

Using location insertion for location extensions, this feature will automatically insert the city, phone number, or zip code into your ad text. So, there isn’t a need to create multiple ads for multiple locations anymore.

Better Clarity for Location Targeting Options

There were four additional enhancements made to the location targeting options:

• Location targeting now simplified
• Show ads to people in a physical location without any exceptions
• Better control over location targeting on the Display Network
• Easier to avoid getting impressions for excluded areas

By analyzing your AdWords performance data, you can also identify the geographic areas that need more of a focus. If local advertising makes sense for your business, the above features are a must for testing.

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Image credit: superfem