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Google Calendar Sync Now Supports Outlook 2010

August 25, 2010

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Last week Google added a new feature for users. As a fan of most Google products, I was happy to see Google Calendar integration for Outlook 2010.

What is it?
Google calendar users can now sync their Outlook calendar with their Google Calendar.

How do I get it?
Download the Google Calendar Sync Ver
Follow the instructions. If you run into trouble, there is always the Google Getting Started Guide:

There is one caveat: You need to have the new version for Outlook 2010. You also need to run Microsoft Windows Update or you’ll get a nifty error message.

Why I like it?
If you have a small business (and you don’t have an Exchange hosted solution), syncing your calendar wirelessly to your desktop can be a pain. With this feature, your Outlook calendar will sync to Google calendar and, if you like, will sync to your mobile device wirelessly. I like it because I can have Mobile Me-like calendar features on my iPhone for free. No matter where I go my iPhone lets me know where I need to go next. Pretty cool, huh?