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Google Changes Search Results Display


It’s our experience that Google loves to make subtle changes (and of course some pretty major changes) to test the waters and see what the feedback is.
We noticed yesterday I slight change in the way Google displays search results. Individual search results now appear in their own outlined white box while the rest of the page has a grey tinge. Also another subtle change is the width of the search result which Google rolled out a couple of weeks ago. Refer to this post from SEMPost for more on the change.
The individual search boxes definitely gives the page a cleaner sharper look.
Another change is when you search for a specific business (see images below with a search for Lynn University, located here in Boca Raton), the business info is moved from the right hand side of the page to fall in-line with other content. To not abandon its paid model completely, it still displays a paid ad at the top of the page.
The move of the specific business results to falling in-line on the left-hand side along with the disappearance of Paid Search Results in the right rail further aligns the look of their search results across all the platforms.
These changes only seem to be live though on the Chrome Browser for certain users.

Google Search Results with no right rail

Search Results in Chrome

Google Search Results still using a Right Rail

Google results on Firefox