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Google Chrome 3D…April Fools!


As a daily Google Chrome user, I was excited to hear about Google Chrome with 3D. That is until I tried to print out my 3D glasses and realized there were no lenses!

Maybe I was a little more gullible than most – but the 3D web browser proved to be a success, both increasing exposure and downloads of the Google browser. 
Users were prompted to download “Google Chrome with 3D” in order to bridge the gap between the 2D online world and the 3D real world. The page even features testimonials, screenshots of the browser and photos of users wearing the printable glasses. 
This made the page look legitimate and resulted in a ton of downloads of the special version of Google Chrome on April 1st. As more and more people caught on to the joke, the news began to flood the blogosphere, increasing Chrome’s exposure worldwide.
You can read more about Google’s Fool on the Chrome Blog.