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Google Content Network – Is It Really A Bust?


I talk to a lot of clients who mention the Google Content Network for their PPC campaigns. While many online marketing professionals are dismissive of this channel, I have found some very effective uses, especially given the enhanced targeting ability that Google provides with the Placement Targeting feature. I was reminded of this recently when viewing a case study of a Levi’s and Nike co-advertising campaign.

Google Placement Targeting in their Content Network allowed these two major brands to target extraordinarily nichey websites frequented by young male “sneaker heads”, with rabid interest in their special edition t-shirt and jeans collection. Because of this highly targeted campaign, the inventory of 2,300 sets sold out in less than one minute – all with a miniscule budget.

So, next time you’re wondering what you can do with the Google Content Network, think again. Then, think a bit harder. For many clients, it’s a goldmine just waiting to be explored.