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Google Farmer Update – Rocking Your SEO World?

March 2, 2011

This week Google announced a major change to their search algorithm. According to the official Google blog, this change impacts 11.8% of the organic results. How does the change impact your SEO strategies?

Well, for starters, you should be publishing relevant, QUALITY information on your site. If you are re-publishing content, providing a low value proposition for users or just posting plain old low quality content, Google is going to take that into consideration. The idea? Reward the web ecosystem residents that provide valuable content to users with better rankings. Of course, this news is being met with mixed reviews.

In my humble opinion, this is a good thing. As I step deeper into the depths of internet marketing I see alot of marketers trying to “work the system” or find a way to beat Google at it’s own game. Remember the JC Penney story from a few weeks back? As a user, it’s ridiculous to me that Penney’s would rank #1 for the term “rugs”. It makes me question the validity of my own SERP results. I have a friend who is so jaded, he won’t even look at the first two pages of Google. He’s convinced the whole page has been “jerry rigged”.

When I’m searching for information, I expect quality results. I applaud Google for taking the business of search seriously. If I am searching for “best places for brunch in Miami”, I have an expectation that the businesses I find actually serve brunch. I don’t want to click on a link to some slick willy marketing guy’s website about his dog. Oh, look, his dog likes to have brunch in Miami. Yeah, real relevant.