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Google Image Labeler

January 2, 2008

Google, in an attempt to get better search results for the countless images on the web recently launched a new website/game, Google Image Labeler. The idea is simple, you and another visitor are shown an image and you type in what you would be good labels for the image. You then get points for every matched answer with your partner. You get more points for the more descriptive the label is. Each round last 2 minutes so its a nice break if you are looking for a new way to kill a couple minutes of time.

I have played about a dozen times or so, with some success. Below is a screen shot of the two images we tried to label.

Google hopes enough people have an interest in helping them improve the relevance of image search for users.

How many of these labels actually get used, or if only matched answers is used, is still unknown, but this should help at least get some of the millions (billions maybe?) of images on the internet some kind of label and get more images showing up in Google Image Search Results.