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Google Instant adds a preview feature

November 11, 2010

If you are a Google user you have likely become familiar with Google Instant, the feature instantly posts search results as you type. For example when I type ‘ten’ Google shows me tennis websites, when I type ‘ten g’ Google dynamically changes the search results on the page.

The new feature is Google Instant Previews this includes the addition of a magnifying glass just to the right of the website name TenGoldenRules. When I clicked the magnifying glass image it gave me a full-page preview. Google’s plan is to roll this out to Adwords ads as well.

The early feedback is that Google Instant has not had a dramatic impact on the number of keywords included in searches according to a SEER blog post .

The most important thing we recommend when there is a change in Google or any other important website is to do a few searches, use the tool and see how it may be impacting your brand. Think about any opportunities that may arise due to the change and try to take advantage of a market opportunity before competitors.