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Google Instant Search

September 10, 2010

The idea of “search as you type” sounds great but I for one am not crazy about Google’s new search. I’ve been playing with the new search for a few days now and every time I do a search I feel like I’m developing vertigo.

For example, I did a search for “Are the Oakland Raiders the best NFL team?” and my search results changed 27 times before I finished typing. While I was typing Google recommended search results, paid ads, a left navigation (which includes everything, images, videos, maps, and more) which changed at a rapid fire rate. You have to go slower for this old man Google.

I’m hoping over the next few weeks the new search grows on me but I’m not betting on it. I wonder if Google will give you the option to turn off the instant search for people who hate it. If not, I guess I’m heading back to my old friend Altavista . As for my search… the best NFL team is the Raiders 🙂