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Google is Your New Home Page

March 19, 2007

A number of sources have been buzzing about this theory. Even when your customers and prospects know your domain name they type your company name into Google.


Because it is less keystrokes to type. instead of (29 keystrokes) they can type tengoldenrules (14 keystrokes)

Another Reason:

Google delivers over 60% of all searches, the same theory applies for Yahoo, MSN, AOL and ASK (another 35% of all searches)

What are the implications?

1. Check your company name in Google and other search engine searches. Make sure you come up number 1 in the natural side of search (left side) and strongly consider a dominant position in paid search as well.

2. Do your competitors advertise on your name keyword? Do they place in natural results?

3. Are your affiliates bidding on your trademark name? Could you prohibit these TRADEMARK bids and save $$?