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Google Teleportation

March 6, 2008

Not many searchers know that if you want to search on google the contents of a specific site you just need to type in “keywords site:url” such as in my example “chuck palahniuk site:” Google then only provides search results from Google understands that many individuals forget the specific url of many sites and therefore use Google to search for the url of amazon (its in case you did not know). Now as the search result above shows, Google is now showing you a search box within a search result, Google calls this “teleporting.” Google found a high amount of more refined searches after general searches (which makes sense and should come as a surprise to know one).
As a way to further control the search and the click, the Google teleportation search box then allows you to search within (even using the “site:” search tool) to get the visitor results. Google in the few tests I conducted receives no revenue from teleportation, as no first or second search results had adwords results. The value to Google is to continue providing the best results to searchers, after all Google would much rather have you search for amazon then do a second search of the amazon site from Google, not going to amazon to do their next search. The more searches Google gets the more likely users are to use the Google search engine again. The question is, will Google find a way to monetize this?