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Google’s High-Priced Keywords

September 5, 2010

We all have certain keywords that we bid on but feel are overpriced. We get that sour puckered face every time we are forced to bid a little higher. For the sake of making all of us feel a little bit better for this Labor Day weekend I did research on some of Google’s most expensive keywords. Keep in mind that these big amounts can change quickly and you might see a different amount than what I’m going to show you below. Are you ready to feel better about your keyword bid amounts?

  • $223.07 no win no fee accident claims
  • $197.98 national accident helpline
  • $157.01 swiftcover car insurance
  • $113.14 mesothelioma attorney utah
  • $92.55 secured loans
  • $88.57 direct insurance
  • $65.33 online schools
  • $53.95 accident injury lawyers
  • $53.45 mortgage refinance
  • $43.11 asbestos cancer

Can you believe somebody’s willing to pay $223.07 per click for a keyword? For their sake, I hope they’re getting a decent cost per conversion. I told you it was going to work friends, you’re already feeling better about your bids. If you know of any keywords that are more expensive than $223.07, let me know in the comments below.