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Google’s Recommendations for Organic Linkbuilding

June 22, 2010

Google recently released a post discussing methods of building links to your website organically. Of course, Google wants this to be your only method of linkbuilding as this is about as “white hat” as it gets. To be truly competitive in natural search, however, you will most likely need to dabble in some “grayer” linkbuilding tactics, but these white hat recommendations should absolutely be part of your overall strategy.

The first recommendation is to let your expertise shine. Share the expertise you have developed in your industry in niche blogs and forums. Overtime, assuming you continue to provide quality content, you will become respected within your community. People will then want to share your expertise with others. One way they will do so is by linking to your website.

Another way to build organic links, as recommended by Google, is to think about problems people may encounter within your industry and provide a solution. This could consist of tutorials, videos, or tools that will assist with problem solving. Again, this provides people with a good reason to link to your website.

Finally, Google recommends adding some humor to your content. If your content is both useful and entertaining, people will be much more likely to want to share it with others.