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Happy Foursquare Day!

April 16, 2010

If you checked into Foursquare today, you probably got a special “Foursquare Day” badge. If you are wondering where the idea came from, it was actually from a Foursquare user, an optometrist in the Tampa Bay area. He found the idea of Foursquare so engaging he decided that it would be cool to make 4/16 (because 4 squared equals 16) Foursquare Day. This was followed by a badge being created, and lot of buzz. It just shows how much social media can be so powerful!

There are many cities participating in Foursquare Day, especially businesses. Many of these participating businesses have Foursquare Day specials. There are even Foursquare Day shirts! It has been dubbed as the “first global social media holiday.” As far as I know, I agree. What do you think?