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Has Social Media Taken Over?


A Brevard County Florida woman is being accused of Tweeting while her son was drowning in the family pool. 37-year-old, Shellie Ross, is now being attacked online at her blog and through Twitter about not doing enough to save her son. Read the full story at Has social media made us bad people, are we too involved that we don’t realize our own surroundings, even at home? I don’t know what caused this young child to lose his life, and I hope that it isn’t due to his mom’s lack of responsibility, but I do think that people need to put down the Crackberry’s, iPhones and turn off the computers more and spend time with their family. This is the time of year when families should be together, not spent with your 2,000 closest friends online that you’ve never met before. I urge you to take a step back and put the technology down for one week and spend quality time with the ones you love this holiday season.