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#Hashtag – Buy Something on Twitter via Amex


Twitter and American Express now have a new partnership that allows users to buy products via a #hashtag.

The way this works is fairly simple. Amex cardholders must “sync” their cards with their Twitter accounts. After you tweet the specified #hashtag to purchase a product, Amex will send a second tweet with instructions on how to send your confirmation tweet. Once you send your confirmation tweet, your credit card is charged and the product is shipped to the address you have on file.

From a business perspective, anything you can do to make the purchasing process easier for the consumer, is a good idea. Time will tell if this initiative will catch on, but I think it just might depending on how compelling the offers are.

Security is my main concern with this new payment method. How can you be assured these tweets are not opening you up to being hacked? I think it would be smart for American Express to address this topic sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts on this new offering? Please leave your comments below.

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