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Have You Checked Out Chrome Extensions?

March 12, 2010

Taking advantage of extensions for your browser of choice is a great way to customize your browsing experience. I tend to use Google Chrome, and lately have been paying more attention to the ton of extension options offered. The great thing about utilizing extensions for any browser is that you tailor your browsing experience to your own needs. Of course everyone will have their own preference on how they browse, and this gives you additional abilities to do so. There are three basic types of extensions offered with Google Chrome:

Browser Actions
These extensions add a button or icon in the upper right hand corner of your browser.
Page Actions
These extensions add an icon to your address bar for a variety of actions.
Content Scripts
These extensions add a button in the upper right hand corner of your browser which will directly interact with the pages you visit.

Click & Clean
“Deletes your browsing history, typed URLs and other tracks from your PC; allows you to clear browsing data when Chrome closes.”

This extension is great for the days when your browser has fallen ill to “lazy browser syndrome.”

Webpage Screenshot
“Fast and simple solution to save JPG screenshots of any webpage; the first extension that captures the whole page.”

This extension is a nice alternative to the “print screen” function.

Learn More
To learn more about Google Extensions, check out the helpful video they have provided on the basics.