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Help me decide 10th Hottest Strategy in Internet Marketing?


I have the honor of presenting at 4:30 this coming Monday at Affiliate Summit in Boston. My presentation is titled “The Ten Hottest Strategies in Internet Marketing”, I have 9 strategies finalized in my mind and I’m struggling between the final 2 choices for #10. Please give me your vote – which do you think is a more important trend and for business?

Global – Global business opportunities, capitalizing on stronger economies in China, India, Europe, Australia, parlaying the weak US dollar into business opportunities.


Open Source Technology and Widgets – Open source allows programmers to develop programs that will interact with your technology and software and it is displacing long-time business incumbents (for example are you reading this on Firefox with a few functioning add-ons?). Getting a prospect or a customer to add your widget to their desktop is the ultimate direct marketing opportunity!

Please send me your vote and I’ll send you the link to the presentation after Affiliate Summit.