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How Fundamental Website Attributes Potentially Relate to Local Search Rankings

May 13, 2010

I recently found a great article that really takes you back to some of the basics of website usability or what many consider common sense. Unfortunately, a lot of websites nowadays forget classic website attributes that really help consumers find what they are looking for. Are you trying to find more ways to potentially improve your local search rankings? Below are 5 elements to include on your website which are believed to aid in generating good quality scores in turn making it a more helpful visit for consumers:

1. Contact Us / Location Pages. Often consumers would prefer a form of communication outside of a contact form. When possible, include your business contact information.

2. Maps [Ideally Google Maps]. This gives Google an additional way to connect your site with local searches.

3. Telephone numbers in a standard format. Providing this in a flashy format or embedded in an image only makes it harder for search engines to read.

4. Testimonials. Many consumers feel more comfortable knowing your product or service has satisfied customers.

5. Product & service descriptions. Make sure to describe your products and services clearly for your potential customers.

Google has not confirmed that these 5 elements are part of their algorithms. But at the end of the day, these elements will only make a consumer happier by making their visit to your site more helpful and hopefully resulting in conversions.