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How Important Is Usability Testing?

April 11, 2011

Here at TGR, we stress the fact that clients must test their websites and then have potential customers test their websites to really ensure usability friendliness and maximum conversions. Mashable has posted the top 5 mistakes that web designers make, which will hopefully be flagged before a new site goes live, or will be brought to light if you already have a live site.

The top 5 according to Mashable are; Navigation, not having a clear call to action, the color and contrast of the website, providing the content in a presentable fashion, not just necessary jargon, and lastly, cluttering up the pages of a website.

We highly recommend reading a great book by Steven Krug, “Don’t Make Me Think,” which really helps dumb down web design and will help prevent many problems websites face.

You will be amazed at how every user is different, and the way they navigate through your website is nothing like you expected. This will only help you make your site better, the user happier and most important, sales!