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How Social Bookmarking Can Be Useful

January 18, 2008

As an avid user of the internet, I never realized how useful social bookmarking was until I was looking for Photoshop Tutorials one day. I was looking for a website with a collection of Photoshop tutorials on Google and decided to use to bookmark them.

Because social bookmarking is based on the idea that anything you bookmark, others can see, so you can see who else bookmarked the same website you did, along with their bookmarks.

With, you can also view the most popular bookmarks for a particular keyword to find other related websites that are bookmarked. If enough users bookmark your website, it may be featured on the homepage, or above all of the results for a particular keyword, which is a great way to bring traffic to your website.

Digg is another useful website because there is always something interesting to read on this site. Since the stories on Digg are ordered by the amount of users who “dig” these stories, there is always something new to read when you go to their homepage. Using Digg is a great way to bring traffic to a website if the content is interesting enough.

With that being said, it is always good to have a social bookmarking adding tool on your website. Using a plug in such as AddThis and ShareThis, you can easily implement a bookmarking adding tool onto your website. This will make those who use these social bookmarking sites easier to add your website to their own social bookmarking lists.