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How The Internet Can Play A Role In School Safety

February 15, 2008

Should Internet connections become a student’s new safety net? In schools students aren’t allowed to have their cell phones on, however, many bring laptops to take notes and do research on the web. Although they are not supposed to be using social networking tools like AIM, Twitter, and Yahoo Messenger during class, should the rules be changing following the tragic incidents at Universities? They now have to worry about safety and sitting in classes, so is it ok for them to have these tools on during class in case of emergency? What if someone entered a class room and wouldn’t let anyone use the phone but they were on AIM, or Twitter, or Yahoo Messenger and could get the word out? Would this help save lives? Should this be a new safety measure? Can you think of a faster way of getting in touch with someone?

Although they may be distracting during class, the social networking sites may actually help people in danger and get someone’s attention, especially if there is no cell service or the phone is off. I feel that students should be logged into these sites whenever possible so that they can always have an open line of communication. One option I feel would work great is if students registered with their University, people could get a pop up on from their AIM, or Messenger regarding dangerous situations taking place.