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How to Discover and Use Local Intent Keywords in Local SEO

August 2, 2019

Search engine optimization. You’ve probably heard the term before and may even have a general understanding of what it entails. But what happens when you add the local aspect to SEO efforts? 

Local SEO is a location-specific form of search engine optimization that focuses on making businesses rank higher for queries in specific geographical areas. This method can work wonders for local businesses, as people searching high intent keywords like “accident attorney near me” or “surgeons in Boca Raton” are much more likely to convert than consumers who are searching for general information on such topics. But how can you know exactly what your ideal clients are searching for, and what can you do to make sure your business shows up when they do type something into Google? Today, we’re walking through some tactics for researching those local keywords and making the most of them.    


To kick off your local SEO efforts, you’ll first need to determine some relevant location-based keywords. Here’s how to do local keyword research and identify the most pertinent search terms related to your area.

Alphabet Souping

Begin with a simple trip to Google. Start to type in your business and see what the search engine tries to autocomplete your query with. Next, we’ll be doing a little “alphabet souping,” or fishing in Google to see what the algorithm will give you. Try typing in “lawyers in Boca,” or the equivalent to your business, then look at the suggested results and see what people are searching for. You can even walk through the entire alphabet to adjust the queries that are spit out and discover more keywords that can tell you exactly what your potential clients are trying to learn about your business or industry. When we get to the implementation step, we’ll be creating content that fulfills those questions and topics, but we’re not quite done with the research just yet. 

Keyword Research Tools for Local SEO

For an even better understanding of what your target audience is searching for, utilize a keyword research tool, like the free Keywords Everywhere (a Chrome extension!) or the paid Ahrefs. When using keyword research tools, you should first type in the name of your city and look at any relevant questions being asked. You can then begin creating content that answers those questions. You could even write a blog post that addresses frequently asked questions about your town. Even if your business doesn’t get direct conversions from that single piece, you may still earn SERP (search engine results page) rankings for local keywords that will boost “service+local area” keywords and improve your overall search presence.


How Do You Use Local Keywords in Blog Posts?

Let’s get a little deeper into utilizing those high intent keywords. When you write content, whether it’s a landing page or a blog post, make sure it’s targeted to your area and neighborhood by working in those location-based keywords. If you’re blogging, tie in locations and places around you for a boost. Say you’re writing a post about your business in Wilton Manors, Florida, for example. You might consider creating a blog about the best local shops, neighborhoods, or relevant associated businesses around you. Essentially, you want to create content that includes other locations of businesses or attractions in your area. 

Another helpful approach is to create content focused on current events in your area. You’re likely staying aware of developments in your industry, so make sure to cover those newsworthy topics and connect them to your location. If you’re a personal injury lawyer, for instance, create blog posts about verdicts relevant to your practice, and drop in keywords that are related to your area. If you’re a doctor, write about injuries common to your area. Maybe that means covering jellyfish stings or boating accidents. Whatever your specialty, you can build valuable content that utilizes local keywords to boost your local search rankings. 

How Do You Use Local Keywords in Google My Business?

Google My Business is crucial in local SEO efforts. Local keywords are often underappreciated but are particularly overlooked when it comes to this tool. Take advantage of this frequent oversight by creating a Google My Business profile and writing posts that utilize local keywords. Even though this content will be much shorter than the average blog post, figure out how to work some of those search terms in to maximize your business’ visibility.

Unlock the Power of Local SEO

Search engine optimization is an art, and we just so happen to be artists. Whether you’re interested in beating out the competition or simply appealing to a larger audience, we’re here to help you achieve your internet marketing goals. Contact Ten Golden Rules today for information on how we can help you make the most of SEO in your area. We look forward to working with you!