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How To Spy On Your Competitors

July 17, 2015

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Hey guys, Matt the Intern here! Today I’m going to explain how to spy on your competitors.


This is the legal style of monitoring marketing activities, not the illegal spying you see in movies.
Here are three websites that we used for a client when they wanted to know what a competitor in California did for their online advertising:

 First we entered the competitor’s website address into, this showed us a 24 month history of how many unique visitors they had on their website. They had 12,467 visitors also called “uniques”.
 Next, using SpyFu, we were able to analyze how much they spent on paid Google Ads, they spent an amazing $469,000 per month! We also get a breakdown of the keywords they use, the ads they show on Google, and the landing pages they direct different keyword to, really amazing info!
 The last tool is SEMRush (this is our CEO Jay Berkowitz’s favorite) , it gives us a report on how the company performs in free Google listings or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The company we analyzed has 845 terms on page 1 or page 2 of Google, very strong performance for SEO.
 These websites give you the opportunity to measure your competition, and we use them to track on a quarterly basis. Also, when we looked at the keywords, ads and landing pages we got several ideas we will test for our clients.