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How to Use Twitter to Showcase your Blog Posts


Twitter, a social networking site used for micro-blogging, provides great opportunities to promote your blog and increase your traffic. Many active twitter users regularly update their twitter profile with a direct link to their latest blog entry. While this works for some users, a more effective way to entice your twitter followers to read your blog is by posing a question in your twitter update before providing a link to your site. If your blog post is on a hot topic, asking a question to your twitter followers will spark interest and lure your twitter followers to want to read more on a topic. For example, if I were to update my twitter profile to promote this blog post, I could write something like this: Do you think twitter is an effective way to promote your blog? I would then follow this question with a link back to this post. Asking a question first will attract your twitter followers to read your blog post much more then by just simply pasting your blog link into your updates.