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How Twitter created a standing room only audience


Yesterday I shared a new presentation called “Ten Golden Rules for Launching and Promoting a Podcast” at Podcamp Boston2.

When I started there were about 60 people in the room and as I moved through rule 2, 3, 4 the room kept filling and filling until there were people packed in the back – standing room only! I was pleasantly surprised but I didn’t know until today what fueled the audience growth.

Podcamp had set up a Twitter tool for individuals to send ‘Tweets’ (140 character micro-blog messages) to all podcamp attendees.

Len Edgerly was in my session tweeting to every attendee each ‘Golden Rule’, thanks to Len and thanks to Twitter we had a great crowd and a lot of fun.

We recorded the full session and it will be available on the Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast by the end of the week.