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How You Should Create A Squidoo Lens


Squidoo is a community where you can publish information that you know all about and share with others. Lenses (a Squidoo page) can be pretty much about any topic and can point to other websites on the web. Squidoo can increase traffic to a website by linking to your website from you lens, as well as increasing your chances in appearing in search engine results since the site is popular.

Modules are the building blocks of what makes a Squidoo lens. They can contain text, photos, YouTube videos, user polls, link lists and featured products from Amazon. Squidoo lenses can also make you some royalty money or you can donate your earnings to a charity by having an Amazon, CafePress or eBay module.

Squidoo lenses are pretty easy to create, but the best lenses are updated often and filled with interaction.

My suggestions when creating a Squidoo lens would be:

  • Make sure you have an introduction to your lens
  • Have at least 2 or 3 text modules
  • Have at least 3 or 4 modules of media
  • Include keyword targeted phrases
  • Keep content easy to read using short paragraphs or bullet points

For an idea of what a Squidoo lens looks like when complete, you can check out Ten Golden Rules’ Official Squidoo lens.