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Over the last few years, the Internet Marketing Club has been dedicated to bringing its guests the latest trends in online marketing through carefully selected news discussions, intuitive blog posts and of course, the advent of the Wednesday Webinar series. We’ve featured a multitude of industry leading speakers to help you better prioritize every aspect of your brand or agency’s marketing, because we realize that sometimes work is better with a little help from a friend. Featuring top industry experts Joanna Lord, Scott Schwertly, Dennis Yu, Warren Whitlock,

With that being said, we’re now offering our Gold Membership package for just $1, a trial offer for the first month to help you get more acquainted with our leading feature of the IMC. This gets you exclusive access to all of our past webinars in the archive section of the IMC, which features MP4 video replays, MP3 audio downloads, text transcriptions and PDFs of presentation slides. You’ll also get priority connection to our experts, giving you exclusive assistance to help with your online marketing campaigns.

So go forth; experience the Gold Membership of the IMC to its fullest for only $1 in your first month!