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Instagram Declares War

December 5, 2012

For those who may not yet have heard, Instagram has cut support for Twitter cards. What does that mean? It means that now hundreds of thousands of Instagram photos will stop properly displaying on Twitter. It seems a huge step backwards from the accessibility and happily synchronized social media services that we, the users, have become accustomed to. Instead of making things better, Instagram has purposefully made things worse.

But why? It seems that the decision might be tied to Facebook’s Instagram purchase – and Twitter is a large and growing rival for the social media giant. Teens are leaving in mass exodus for Twitter now that they have to be Facebook “friends” with their parents, grandma, and boss – and Twitter offers a new social sphere that isn’t yet completely dominated by adult control. In addition, Twitter has been working on its own set of photo filters – ones that could rival Instagram.

Only one question now: will there be a social media war in the near future?

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