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Internet Terms Highlighted In English Dictionaries

December 28, 2007

It was only a matter of time the internet had an impact on the way we speak English as a whole. The Collins English Dictionary will be adding “Facebook” as both a noun and verb in their 2008 edition. Now you can say, “I can Facebook you,” and be grammatically correct! Two other words that are related to Facebook, “pimp” and “poke” also will have added meanings in the next edition, in which “pimp” refers to customizing your Facebook profile to make it look more attractive and “poke” which refers to getting someone’s attention.

In another dictionary, Merriam-Webster, a poll was created to search for the word of the year of 2007. The #1 word voted was “w00t” which is known to be an acronym for we owned the other team, but is widely seen on the internet. W00t is defined as expressing joy, similar to using the word “yay.”

If you want to be more in tune with internet lingo and acronyms, there is an interesting website that you can refer to called