Schedule a FREE Internet Marketing Audit Presents: How to Manage Your Online Reputation

January 14, 2013

Online reputation has become somewhat of a taboo topic among marketers and the general public alike. Despite not being a central topic of discussion, it does affect how customers and connected individuals view your brand. Whether you know it or not, you already have an online reputation for both your personal brand and your company or product brands. You can leave it up to the search engines and your customers to create and maintain your reputation online, but why would you?
Join Jamie Maloney for a webinar about online reputation management, including:

· How to track your current online reputation
· Strategies for managing and maintaining your online reputation
· Tactics for combating a negative online reputation

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About Jamie Maloney: 

Jamie Maloney has an MBA and over 12 years of experience in marketing and branding. Her love of agency work derives from her interest in learning the intricacies of different industries. Internet marketing is her passion with a strong focus on social media strategy and online reputation management. Other areas of expertise include: client relations, project management, web and print copywriting, website development and brand activation. Offline, you can find her playing with her tennis ball-obsessed Boston Terrier, Bruce Lee, and going to live music shows with her rockstar husband.