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Social Media Infrastructures (Multiple social media platforms chosen for engagement and how they are connected to one another). Most companies that fail in social media marketing have each platform in a silo without regard to SEO, connectivity or the efficiencies of time and message that can be gained. The infrastructure approach creates a SEO “keyword neighborhood” and maximizes share of voice while creating consistency and clarity of message on the internet.

Reviewed in this discussion:

• SEO, Keyword Themes and Social Media
• Building a Social Media Infrastructure (What is it & how to build it?)
• Keyword Blogging vs Blogging
• Choosing the right Social Media platforms
• Social Media rules of engagement

Since 2002, Chad H. Pollitt has played an integral role in designing, developing, deploying, executing and tracking robust web marketing strategies for over 100 client companies and organizations. Chad is an Internet Marketing Manager and Web Technology Consultant at Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc., the leading web development and internet marketing agency in the Midwest, and decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His white papers and articles have been published in over a dozen newspapers and websites throughout the world. With over 10 million dollars of tracked ROI for SEO alone, he has been featured on multiple radio shows, podcasts and in The Wall Street Journal.

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