Schedule a FREE Internet Marketing Audit Presents Ten Leading Strategies for Online Lead Generation

February 7, 2011

Join Jay Berkowitz, CEO of, and Jamie Nacht Farrell, Principal of BizRelationsEDU, in this Wednesday Webinar, “Ten Leading Strategies for Online Lead Generation.” There is a whole category of Internet marketing called ‘lead gen’ or lead generation. Learn all about how to generate leads for your business using leading strategies for lead gen.

This presentation will explain the following topics:

• Understanding the easiest way to get started with lead gen
• What is lead gen and how can you effectively use it for business?
• What are the best lead sources today
• Best practices for a company’s lead gen programs
• Building, managing and maintaining your lead database
• Converting leads to sales
• Lead generation pitfalls and mistakes to avoid

Jay Berkowitz is an author, an educator, an International keynote speaker and an award-winning thought leader. A senior online marketing professional with over twenty five years of marketing experience, Mr. Berkowitz has managed marketing departments for Fortune 500 brands: Coca-Cola, Sprint and McDonald’s Restaurants, and he has developed online and offline strategies for AT&T and leading health and fitness website

Jamie Nacht Farrell has worked in Executive Level Roles on both the client and vendor sides of lead generation, sales, and marketing. She was a Founding Director of a lead generation company that recently sold for millions of dollars and continues to advise Fortune 100 Companies as to how to build their lead generation strategies; from the lead development side to closing the sale at the call center level.

This free webinar will take place Wednesday, February 9, 2011 12:30pmEST – 1:30pmEST. To register and for more information please visit: Ten Leading Strategies for Online Lead Generation