Schedule a FREE Internet Marketing Audit Presents: Understanding Facebook Analytics


Marketing experts Dennis Yu and Cody Vest are joining forces for this week’s Wednesday Webinar, and the topic of discussion is understanding Facebook Analytics. We’ve all spent hours trying to perfect the right online marketing campaigns for our brands and customers, but how can we be sure that the efforts aren’t being completely wasted? Dennis and Cody will help you better understand the analytics behind Facebook advertising and how to really create a beneficial strategy. 

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About Dennis Yu:

A Facebook marketing expert, Dennis Yu is the CEO of and specializes in advertising for big brands and yellow page category businesses. Over the last 3 years, he has guidedthe development of an ad serving platform that garners PPC, SEO,email, and facebook advertising, optimizing campaigns to online andoffline conversions via phone, lead generation, online ordering, andcoupon redemption. Founded in 2006, BlitzLocal is headquartered inBoulder, Colorado.

About Cody Vest: 

With specialties that range from data analysis to innovative execution, Cody Vest is the Creative Director at Vest Advertising. His motivation includes innovative ideas, good research and beautiful images, and these ingredients have led to some powerful print and digital advertising campaigns. His client list includes Humana, Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, Core Combat Sports, Appalachian Regional Healthcare, among others.Click here to register for FREE (11/21/12 at 12:30pm EST)