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Is ClubHouse the next TikTok? 


The short answer is no. Clubhouse will not be the next breakout Social Media darling.

Our Founder, Jay Berkowitz, was recently asked to be a speaker on a Clubhouse session regarding social media and marketing. During that live chat, the first question he received was this:

What lessons from other forms of social media can people apply to Clubhouse to be successful on the platform?

His answer was simple –

Ten Golden Rules #5: Subscription Models Survive

Back in 2003 when the Ten Golden Rules were written, email newsletters were the most valuable subscriptions. The database of contact information and a captive audience, combined with the ability to use that information to create custom audiences in Facebook and Google, led many digital marketers to outstanding success.

The same theory applies regardless of the platform. Getting email subscribers in 2003 can be equated to followers on Facebook or Instagram in 2021. This method of capturing followers works to build your personal brand.

The same is true for Clubhouse. If you’re able to build a following, you will be successful.

There are three great examples of success on Clubhouse that Jay referenced…

1. Michael Stern – Michael has a local networking group and holds a Clubhouse Room every Tuesday night to provide them added value. In addition, as a cancer survivor, he hosts a Cancer Survivors Room where he consults experts and provides support. His method to success is building a following by providing tangible value on a consistent basis.
2. Jorge Abreu: Jorge has a printing business called, and he’s used Clubhouse as a way to network to build his client base. Rather than hosting his own room, he participates actively in others’ rooms and makes connections with fellow attendees.
3. Grant Cardone: Grant is a social media superstar, and he’s pivoted that success to the Clubhouse platform. His philosophy is to show up consistently and constantly anywhere he can. He is always appearing in rooms, hosting rooms, building networks, and forming communities. He is involved in many projects at any given time, and using the platform’s landscape allows him to create niche client bases for each of them.

When asked to rank Clubhouse among the most effective social media platforms, Jay said this:

The best Social Media for you depends on your market. 

For instance, B2B companies find success on LinkedIn, where they can build relationships with business-minded people. Those looking to target younger audiences would see the most results on TikTok or Instagram. Those looking to target parents of young families would see growth on Facebook.

Clubhouse is still relatively new, so if you’re looking to target early adopters, networkers and network sellers, you have a high probability of connecting with them on Clubhouse.

That being said, of all the social media platforms currently being utilized, Clubhouse is the most likely to shrink in the coming years. Many people like the audio-only nature of Clubhouse due to Zoom Fatigue, and the platform offers minimal opportunity for engagement and interaction because if one person is talking – the rest of the room is listening.

What’s Jay’s advice on your next step to increased social media performance?

Take advantage of Google Maps

Google Maps or “Google My Business” (GMB) is one of the most effective forms of social media for businesses, but it’s often overlooked. Google has built up the Map function as a Social Media ‘home base’ for every business. It has all of your important contact information – visitors to your GMB leave comments, reviews, post images, and ask questions on your page. Plus, you can update your community with upcoming events, pictures, videos, and more. On one hand, it’s a social media platform, and on the other, it’s a super important place to be.

Jay recently hosted a Livestream Training on getting started with Google My Business. If you want to learn how to optimize your Google Maps to be found in the 3 Pack’ and discover other strategies that work, you can watch the recording here:

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