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Is Facebook becoming a prison for web traffic?

According to this insightful article by Anil Dash, Facebook is “openly attacking its users ability and willingness to navigate the rest of the web.” For instance, Facebook is removing the capability of syndicated content to be posted via Facebook Notes and forcing users to post notes individually. He also goes on to speak about how privilege is given to captive content on Facebook after only one approval from a given user (Yahoo! News is a good example) over outside links – that is, content like this will always be higher on the news feed. Facebook also creates an atmosphere of fear for users by deeming even websites that it has indexed to be unsafe, displaying warnings about outside websites and security.

What does all of this mean? It means that despite the fact that Facebook remains one of the greatest internet marketing tools that a business can utilize that it may also present barriers to the very users you are trying to attract to your website or landing page.

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