Is It Time to Fire All the Smokers?

Is It Time to Fire All the Smokers?

Bryan Person’s blog post on the Monster Blog already has 151 comments.

I agree with Bryan, smoking is a nasty habit and I am SO thankful I never got started.

My biggest beef with smoking is smokers who throw lit butts out of their car. Sparks flying a night is a driving hazard and if a smoker wants to harm their own health, that is their choice, but please don’t harm the environment!

How about a $5,000 fine for littering cigarettes first offense, $10,000 for second offense and a jail term for third offense. Revenue from the fines could go towards cleaning the street and highways.

  • Bryan Person, Monster Blogger
    Posted at 21:34h, 30 November Reply

    Jay, thanks so much for your comment. This is clearly a contentious issue, and it touch a big nerve among our readers.

    Great idea on imposing a hefty fine on those who carelessly flick butts out their windows.

    As for smokers in the workplace, I would certainly prefer it if each and every one of them quit. It would be a better world for all of us. But failing that, I don’t think you can fire smokers unless it affects their job performance.

  • santaclaws
    Posted at 03:50h, 12 January Reply

    lol what’s your beef?

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