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Is There An ITunes Competitor In The Works?

June 16, 2010

A few weeks ago, I read an article that Google may take on Apple in the music space, most likely being called – you named it – Google Music. I’ve come across another article now on CNET suspecting the same and I must say the idea is not farfetched.

What does this mean? The amount of details released to date is limited but according to the CNET article, it appears Google will launch the service with Android products to then branch out beyond. Both Apple and Google seem as though they are racing to launch the first cloud service enabling its users to have both storing and streaming capabilities.

I believe if anyone can take on the iTunes product, Google can. Based on the details that have been released so far, it’s disappointing to me that they aren’t rolling out the service beyond the Android market in the first phase.

Would you use the service? Do you think Google can take on iTunes?

image credit: 4braham