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Is Your Firm Sinking in Google’s Local Service Ads Results?

Olivia Bibbee

We hear it all the time – “My firm used to be in the top three results on Google, but we’ve fallen out. I don’t know what happened!”

There are a number of reasons why you may have lost your top three status in Google’s Local Service Ads results. Whether it’s something you’ve done, something you haven’t taken advantage of, or a natural dip due to competition in your market, we have the strategy to reverse your ranking and get back on top. 

If you were one of the early adapters to Google Screened, you may be seeing a dip in your ranking due to increased saturation. At the beginning of the program’s initial rollout, there may have been 5 to 10 lawyers in your practice area that were also approved for Google Screened. Now that the program has become more widely recognized, there is a lot more competition. 

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So, what can you do to get back in the Top 3?

  1. Get 1-2 new reviews per week

Google’s algorithm favors consistent positive reviews. This means that you should be receiving 1 to 2 new Google reviews per week to remain in the top three. If you don’t have a program in place to get Google reviews on a consistent basis, your ranking will be penalized. 


2.  Answer the phone!

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how much of an impact your phone calls can have on your Google ranking. If you’re missing calls or picking up on the third ring, Google will hesitate to send traffic to your site. The algorithm prioritizes and promotes firms that are quick to answer and rarely miss calls, because that helps them ensure their customer will have a positive experience. 

In Google’s LSA dashboard, you can view your statistics on phone calls to see how you’re currently performing in this area. 


3. Don’t archive or dispute calls (if you can help it) 

Google is a platform that works off of profit – so they want to ensure they’re making the most money possible from their programs. If Google sends you 10 leads, and you archive or dispute 8 of them for being unrelated or unqualified, you will likely see fewer leads sent your way. 

The best way to get back in the Top 3 with Google Screened is to mark the majority of calls as booked, unless it is 100% spam or a robot call. 

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