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Is Your Website Cross Browser Compatible?

September 30, 2008

If you have never even thought about this then you may be in for a surprise shock. Unless you paid a well qualified designer who knows his XHTML and CSS chances are there may be 2 or more things off in your website as far as the aesthetics look. Not everyone in the world uses the same browser as you do and each Internet Browser uses different technology or different ways to translate and display your web page so the result will be a nice look page on Firefox or Safari and a mess web page on IE7. I will recommend to try to accommodate you website to looks good up til IE4-5 and Firefox 3.

There are a few websites that are on the web that can help you determine if your website is truly compatible with every browser from Safari to Mozilla’s Firefox all the way to Google Chrome.

The First is called Browser Shots” and basically it runs approx on 50 servers with each running a different browser of your site and sending you a snapshot of it.The second website is well known as you may have seen it in the footer tagged on some websites. It’s called Markup Validation service by W3C