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It’s A Small Marketing World After All

April 21, 2011

The marketing world is changing. It’s changing in a way that is creating quite a buzz around the industry.

It used to be that companies, especially large ones, could throw some money into advertising and make a pretty good Return On Investment. It didn’t seem to matter if the product was actually any good, as long as you got the word out, you would get plenty back. Those days seem to be fading away thanks in part to social media and other small marketing mediums.

Today’s marketing strategies seem to be holding products and services, and the companies that provide them, more accountable. Small media, which includes platforms like Facebook Pages, blogs, pay-per-click advertising, and other types of online marketing is giving the power back to the people. Seth Godin points out on his blog post that there are four types of media, and the smallest one is starting to carry the biggest pull.

Now more than ever people can get other’s opinions on pretty much anything within minutes. If someone likes a product, they can jump on their computer and tell the whole world how they feel about it. For companies offering products or services that are honest and good, they can get a buzz going without having to drop even a dime on marketing. For those who are just trying to make a quick buck, they’re marketing efforts will just get harder and harder.