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Jay Berkowitz on FOX NEWS Tech Bytes: Boosting Web Presence


Jay Berkowitz, Internet Marketing expert and founder of the Internet marketing promotion and advertising firm Ten Golden Rules, has created a list of “Ten Free or Low Cost Ways to Use the Internet to Help Your Business in Down Times.”
Charles: Yeah, hi Alexis, you know with the economy slowing, companies are looking for ways to cut back on unnecessary spending but there is also expected to be 204 billion dollars of ecommerce this year and nobody wants to miss out on that piece of the pie. So our next guest has free or low cost ways to boost your company’s exposure on the web and increase your traffic on your website. Joining me now is Jay Berkowitz, President and CEO of Welcome to the show Jay.
Jay Berkowitz: Thanks Charles.
Charles: Jay, you’ve created this list of ten free or lost cost ways to use the internet to help a person’s business in down times and I would suppose also up times. What are the three most important?
Jay Berkowitz: Well, we have the full list of ten at our website at but there’s three really easy to use ones that very business can use; if you are a small business if you’re in business to business. So the first one is search engine optimization, the second one is creating an offer on your website and the third one is developing an enewsletter -and let me explain a little bit how to do it. So there’s a lot of buzz on search engine optimization. And that’s the strategy of optimizing your website with keywords that Google and the other search engines are going to find. So the rule that Matt Cutts, who’s a popular Google engineer, explains is an apple a day keeps the doctor away; it keeps you healthy. Adding a page of content to your website everyday keeps your website healthy in the eyes of the search engines. You’re adding a lot of content to your website –words – that Google and the other search engines can read. So regularly adding content is valuable. The second thing is when people come to your website you want to have a really compelling offer. Something free that people can get on your website such as a free contest or a free whitepaper download if you are in business to business. We have a copy of the Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Presentation for free on our website at tengoldenrules. And something really compelling that people will want to get, will want to engage with you in a two-way dialogue. And then the third thing is once people do download your whitepaper, or download your free offer, you want to give them an opportunity to say, “Yeah, I’d like to receive more information from you” – to opt-in. And so the third tip that we think is really easy for any company to do is develop an enewsletter. So that’s something you are going to send out weekly or monthly to your prospects.
Charles: Okay Jay. Tell us, the viewers, what are some of the trends right now that you see in internet marketing, that really seem to be resonating a lot.
Jay Berkowitz: Well, I talked about search engine marketing, you know. There’s over a 100 billion searches conducted each month; 68% of them are on Google. So if you can come up on the left hand side, the free, the search engine optimization and also the right-hand side, the pay per click, it’s a great place to start because never before in marketing did people have a direct way to find you. So, you are able to come up in the search engines – there’s over a 100 billion people – looking for your products and services – that’s a great place to start.
Charles: Jay, you know, we don’t have a lot of time – quickly. You talk about sending out these newsletters all the time. How do you avoid not getting beaten down by these providers that see your newsletters all the time as being spam and they start to block you. Wouldn’t that work backwards, wouldn’t that hurt your business?
Jay Berkowitz: Yeah, as I said before, give people something of incredible value something for free and build their trust and ask them if they want to receive your mail. And then give them something really really fantastic. So, if your newsletter has great value they are going to look forward to receiving it and even forward it to a friend so write something of incredible value and by the way, add that newsletter article to your website. Again, you are adding more words to your website that Google and the other search engines can pick up so it is working for you in a couple different ways.
Charles: Well, thanks a lot and it’s been very informative and good luck and much success to you and your company. Now, according to the interactive advertising bureau, online ad revenue totaled more than 21 billion dollars in 2007, and that’s up from almost 17…
Jay Berkowitz: Thanks Charles.