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Jay Berkowitz selected for Keynote Marketing Presentation at Annual Conference for Advertising Professionals


The AAF-4th District selected Jay Berkowitz, as their keynote presenter for the regional conference on May 2-4th in St. Petersburg, Florida. His presentation “Ten Reasons Why Traditional Ad Agencies Suck At Interactive Marketing…And What They Can Do About It,” features internet marketing ideas for advertising agencies and professionals.

Jay will offer these Internet Marketing Ideas That Will Help Agencies Not Suck:
* How ad agencies can build and develop websites that show up in Google searches
* What is Web 2.0? What are the opportunities for business?
* Search Engine Optimization Reviews
* What online business models are working, and not working today
* How to use new technologies for internet marketing such as podcasts and video
* What is UGC? Twitter? GUS? Oovoo?
* How ad agencies and their clients can use Social Media websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter