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Latest Changes to Google Reader


Are you ready for the next set of Google product updates?

Posted by Alan Green, Google Software Engineer, Google Reader is next on the list for a facelift from Google. These changes are scheduled to happen any day now.

The updates are to include:

• Brand new design similar to other Google products
• Ability to share Google Reader feeds directly to your Google+ circles
• Retirement of features such as following, friending and shared links (soon you will be able to use these features in Google+ instead)

This tight integration with Google+ has been conveyed as a highly requested feature.

Is this change not for you?

Google is enabling a Google Reader export feature which provides you with the ability to take the following data:

• Your subscriptions
• Your shared items
• Your friends
• Your likes
• Your starred items

I’m a big fan of Google Reader and I do use Google+, so the change doesn’t personally affect me much. However, I can see this change being received as a major frustration for some.

Why is this update helpful or frustrating for you? Please leave your comments below.