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Latest Released Twitter Resources

November 4, 2010

Accompanying the new and improved look and functionality of the Twitter website interface, Twitter has now also refreshed the available logos, buttons, and widgets available as Twitter resources. Below is an explanation of each resource:
Follow Buttons: Utilize these buttons to make it easier for people to follow your business directly from your website. Twitter allows you to select the desired button and simply copy and paste the code into your website’s source code.
Tweet Buttons: Adding a Tweet button to your website will allow people to easily share your content on Twitter. Twitter provides a slightly customizable solution for this tweet button.
Widgets: Twitter widgets allow you to place your updates anywhere or even create a live stream for a business event, conference, meeting etc. The widgets are compatible with a variety of sites such as Facebook and Blogger. There are also a handful of widgets to choose from such as Facebook, search, faves and lists widgets.
Twitter Logos and Icons: Select from several different Twitter-approved logos and icons for your use. Twitter provides you with the ability to select slightly different color schemes of course, inline with the Twitter black, aqua and white brand colors.
You should be utilizing the above resources to promote and expand your brand’s Twitter presence. So long as these resources are used in accordance with the Guidelines for Use of the Twitter Trademarks, you can freely use them to Twitter-enable your brand. Enjoy!